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Operational Resources and Waste

Cornerstone Standards Council - Resource efficiency and conservation

In accordance with the Responsible Aggregate Standard (Version 3.0) Principle 6-Core Requirement 6.2, the operational resources and waste (with baselines) for the Dufferin Aggregates Acton Quarry are stated below:


Dufferin Aggregates Acton Quarry Resource Inputs - Baselines
Gasoline l/tonne 0.03
Diesel l/tonne 0.68
Propane l/tonne 0.05
Electricity kWh/tonne 3.65
Water m3/tonne 0.07


Dufferin Aggregates Acton Quarry Operational Waste - Greenhouse Gas Baselines
 Greenhouse Gases Baseline (tonnes/tonnes)
CO2  0.0020
CH4  0.00000018



Dufferin Aggregates Acton Quarry Operational Waste - Airborne Pollutant Baselines
Airborne Pollutants Baseline (tonnes/tonnes)
PM 2.5  0.00000150
PM 10  0.00000654
TPM  0.00001826
Dufferin Aggregates Acton Quarry Operational Waste - Scrap Metal Baseline
Baseline (tonnes/tonnes)


Our target is to not exceed our baseline and/or try to improve on it. Our baseline is a rolling three year average and will be reflective of changes in production and improvements in the equipment used for operations. Dufferin continually replaces older equipment (e.g. loaders, rock trucks, and other petroleum vehicles) with more efficient equipment. We are also in the process of working with Hydro One to upgrade the available line power to the site and decrease the amount of diesel powered generators. We will review our baseline and targets on an annual basis.