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Planning Principles

Help us make important decisions

As a responsible member of the Acton community, Dufferin Aggregates always wants to make decisions that will offer a variety of new and innovative community benefits in the years to come. As always, we encourage your feedback around these planning principles, which help us build solutions that make sense for our business and our community.

Acton Quarry Vision is driven by three key planning principles:


Meet the demands of a rapidly growing/intensifying region:

In order to be affordable, our hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, transit facilities, roads, bridges, home renovations, new homes and our landscaping activities require a local, stable, and cost-effective supply of high quality crushed stone.

At Dufferin Aggregates' Acton Quarry, our business is built on efficiently and profitably supplying the local market with high quality crushed stone. However, the people and businesses within the local market are using crushed stone faster than we can develop supply. A shortage of crushed stone for the local market will result in significant increased costs to consumers and taxpayers.

We want to continue operating as an efficient and profitable supplier of high quality crushed stone, while benefiting area residents (consumers, taxpayers and neighbours). We acknowledge that our business of supplying the local market with high quality crushed stone includes a long history of public discussion and sometimes controversy around land use issues. Our hope is to enhance this discussion by making our planning processes public, transparent and engaging.


Maintain proximity to market:

Look around our community - at your home, your place of work, the roads you drive on, the public facilities you use, and the places you go to play and relax. All of this infrastructure relies on locally-produced crushed stone.

Aggregates are literally the "foundation" of our economy and society. Southern Ontario alone uses approximately 140 to 170 million tonnes of aggregates each year.

  • Within communities of regions such as Halton, the construction of:
  • The average house requires over 22 truckloads of aggregate (440 tonnes);
  • A small school requires about 650 truckloads (13,000 tonnes);
  • A large commercial building requires about 800 truckloads 16,000 tonnes); an
  • A two-lane regional road requires about 315 truckloads (6,300 tonnes) per km

The location of Dufferin Aggregates' Acton Quarry is strategic:

  • The Acton Quarry provides the highest grade, closest-to-market crushed stone for you, local municipalities, and local businesses.
  • Since 60% of the cost of high quality crushed stone is transportation, local consumers and tax payers benefit from our close proximity.
  • By being close to the local market for high quality crushed stone we significantly limit the production of green house gases and the consumption of fossil fuels.
  • Every extra kilometre of roadway added to the delivery of crushed stone increases annual greenhouse gases by 3,500 tonnes and consumes an additional 2 million litres of fossil fuel.


Achieve net ecological and recreational gain:

We want to continue our role as a local business that promotes sustainable development, bio-diversity and net environmental and recreational value within Halton Hills.

We want to continue our role as a Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve partner demonstrating innovative approaches that bring ecology, economy and quality of life together through cooperation, information sharing, and community consensus and involvement.