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Terms of Reference

Dufferin Community Liaison Committee
October 29, 2008


  • Provide, encourage and facilitate two-way communication between local residents/regional
  • stakeholders and Dufferin Aggregates on the proposed Acton Quarry extension.
  • Educate stakeholder groups and the community on Dufferin's extension proposal.

Selection of Committee Members

Members identified by Dufferin for the Committee are required to:

  • Live, operate a business, or have some connection to the Acton/greater Halton Hills area.
  • Be available to attend bi-monthly, or more often as required, meetings (N.B. The schedule will be determined by the Committee).
  • Be able to act as a conduit for information and feedback on behalf of the "constituency" which they may represent.
  • Be willing to relay information provided from the public or other interested parties back to the Committee.

The Committee should not exceed 10 members, without full discussion and feedback from current members and Dufferin Aggregates. Requests for addition or removal of members should be submitted to Dufferin for consideration and will be shared with the full Committee for discussion, as required.

All members are volunteers. There is no remuneration for participation; however expenses such as mileage will be reimbursed.

Role of Committee Members

  • Serve in an advisory capacity only.
  • Review and analyze current and new information pertaining to the Acton Quarry extension application for the purpose of providing comments to Dufferin Aggregates.
  • Coordinate and share information with stakeholders, including not-for-profit organizations, government representatives, and other interested parties, to facilitate an ongoing dialogue between the residents of Acton and the greater Halton Hills area and Dufferin Aggregates. Dufferin Aggregates will provide assistance to prepare and distribute this information.
  • Meet every second month, or more often (as determined by the Committee).

Meeting Protocol

  • Meetings will occur bi-monthly, or more often as required, during the course of the Acton quarry extension and its potential appeal process.
  • Meetings will be held in the evening over a two-hour time period to be determined by the Committee. A meeting schedule will be created by the Committee and distributed to all members.
  • Committee members will have an opportunity to contribute to the content of the agenda (up until one week before the meeting takes place). There will be an opportunity for members of the community to address the Committee, in which case it will be added to the agenda for discussion during the allotted "Open Forum" session.
  • Meetings will be open to the public as determined by the Committee.
  • All meetings will be held at an accessible location and in a room that is big enough to accommodate members of the community, as required. Dufferin will be responsible for paying the fees for room rental and refreshments at the meetings.
  • A professional facilitator will moderate the Committee meetings.
  • Dufferin will provide a secretary for the Committee. The secretary will be responsible for all administrative tasks/services.
  • Any agenda items not discussed during a meeting will be addressed at the next meeting.
  • The schedule of meetings will be posted on the Dufferin Acton Quarry website ( and disseminated to the public using other means, if required.
  • Dufferin will be responsible for ensuring the schedule is posted at the recommended sites.
  • All meeting materials, including minutes, agendas, PowerPoint presentations, Terms of Reference and others, will be considered draft until approved by the Committee.
  • Meeting minutes will include detailed action items and next steps and identify the Committee members, as required, responsible for completing the tasks.
  • Meeting minutes will be circulated to the Committee for revisions by email within five business days after each meeting. Committee members have up to five business days to make and return any revisions.
  • A final version of meeting minutes, incorporating revisions from the Committee members, will then be re-circulated to all members for approvals. The Committee has up to two business days to provide additional revisions, if any. Otherwise, the minutes will be considered approved.
  • All meeting minutes and documents produced and approved by the Committee will be posted on the Dufferin Acton Quarry website ( 12 business days following each meeting.